What is Oil Camp and How it Can Help You Right Now

"I got these oils awhile back but I have no idea what to do with them."

"I got some oils on a whim and I don't think they are working for us."

"I got oils with big plans for helping my family, but we keep forgetting to use them."

Did you just waste your money on some snake oils? Or do you feel like calling something "natural" is just a fancy way to say it "doesn't really work"?

I get it. But in this video, I'm going to give you simple answers to these questions AND give you exclusive access to an online camp that helps you become a healer in your own home in just a few minutes a day.

When was the last time you bought something and wished it came with a person that showed you how to use all the stuff you had?

I remember when we purchased an Alexa and we were so excited about having so much power at the tips of our tongues. But here we are 2 years later and we mostly just use it to set timers. I know that with a little help it's useful for games, to make shopping lists, to play music playlists, and even set up reminders, but we have only managed to scratch the surface of its potential. If only someone would help us set it up so we could get more out of it...

As a woman who desires to do what's best for your family's needs as well as serve your clients with greater impact, either you don't know where to begin or you don't want to waste your valuable time and money.

Would you like some intentional support getting your family's health on track this year with the oils you purchased?

Yes? Then let's get started.

I remember what it was like when I was diagnosed with leaky gut and candida, as well as vitamin depletion. My doctor told me to start taking a handful of supplements, and then gave me a long list of foods I couldn't eat anymore. I was overwhelmed. What I needed was someone to go to the store with me, to help walk me through a meal plan, and to give me ideas about how to be successful in the kitchen. More than that, I already had a list of recipes I loved, so could this person also help me figure out ways to revamp those recipes and give me some of that flavor I crave without the ingredients that were killing me? In other words, I needed an expert to help me navigate.

Oil Camp was created with the same thought in mind.

Knowing this our leadership team wanted to bring that same experience to our team, so we paid for the rights to share camp with you. Because we knew just what it was like to purchase essential oils, with expectations, and not fully knowing how to maximize their use in practical ways in our home. Six coaches came together and spent hours planning content, recording instructional videos, organizing a hosting platform, and putting together prizes to send those in our community who completed Oil Camp.

So, what is Oil Camp?

It is an online camp designed to educate, provide support, and community for oil users - from newbies to seasoned oilers. It's a favorite among our customers for several reasons:

  1. Personalized support from six coaches with a wide variety of expertise and experience with using essential oils.

  2. Everyone who completes the camp gets a prize.

  3. Camp is not on Facebook, which many people appreciate.

  4. You get text reminders to check in each day so you don't miss valuable content.

  5. You get to participate within your own time schedule during the 10-day camp.

  6. You get to connect with other people in the community who are on a similar wellness journey.

  7. You gain practical tips you can use in everyday life that you won't get anywhere else.

  8. Did I mention that you get an oil prize when you complete camp?

We provide 3 different camps for our community:

Oil Camp 1 - designed with the new oiler in mind to build comfort and confidence in using the top 10 most popular oils and products in their everyday lives. However, we've had seasoned oil users take this camp and walk away saying they learned so much from camp.

Oil Camp 2 - designed to take you into a wellness lifestyle. We look at nutrition, exercise, quality sleep, reducing toxins and more and help you create the routine of your dreams.

Oil Camp 3 - designed to help you fully understand how to use your oils to support your emotional wellbeing.

So what are other Oil Camp graduates saying?

Watch the full video here: