What is Your Body Saying About How You are Pursuing these Three Pillars of Wellness in 2020?

Friend, what is Your Body Saying about how you are pursuing the three pillars to wellness in 2020?

Is it saying "don't expose yourself to anything"?

..... "stop the nagging pain"?

...... "This is all too much for me"?

....."I'm just trying to get through today."

Whatever it's saying, I'm here to help guide you in a path of wellness. As your advocate, that's my job.

I want to share with you how you can pursue three pillars to wellness in 2020 and help your body say "thank you".

Look, I get it - your desire is to thrive in 2020, not just survive it. And you're open to new things and exploring the possibilities that are out there, but you don't want to waste your money on stuff that doesn't work - AND - you certainly don't have time to do all that research to try to find out what's best.

Are you ready to pursue something new and different for yourself and your family??

Let's talk about these three Pillars of Wellness and how you can pursue them. dōTERRA has just released a new wellness program with some amazing new bundles of products that were put together to specifically support the 3 pillars we are going to talk about today and I'm going to share them with you below!

Pillar #1 - Immunity

First, let's talk about your immune system and how you can support it to tackle no matter what the threat is that is coming your way. Our bodies were designed to be able to see a threat that comes to our bodies and respond and we want to support our bodies to actually become stronger.

When you focus on lifestyle choices that support your body when a threat comes your way your body will be strong and know what to do.

One thing I love about doTERRA is that we work in conjunction with or partnership with modern medicine. We partner with them because we want to bridge that gap and to make sure people have access to the tools they need.

Okay, let's talk about the wellness bundle for immunity! This is sort of like a set-it and forget-it program. Which makes it really easy! These are the tools that you need for informed-self care.

Immunity Bundle - Stronger, Supported, Protected

On Guard blend, On Guard Hand Sanitizer Mist, On Guard Toothpaste, On Guard Floss, On Guard Foaming Hand Wash, Purify & Wild Orange.

Pillar #2 - Relief

If your body is saying to you, "Time out! Stop the nagging pain!" Pain is our body's way of communicating with us! It can tell us when something is wrong or it can alert us to slow down and pay attention. We want to have healthy inflammation in our body and we want to help our body respond in healthy ways so we can get relief.

Relief Bundle - Comforted, Relieved, and Renewed

Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex, Deep Blue Rub, Deep Blue Touch, massage ball

Pillar #3 - Mind & Mood -

As we are pursuing wellness and pursuing relief we also want to pursue wellness for our mind and supporting mental wellness. We want to keep our minds and our moods stable. We want to ask ourselves what are some additional self-care tools we can use to do this Immanuel Journaling, How to Stress LESS After COVID, and The Big Six Emotions are available for a deeper dive.

Mind + Mood Bundle - Calm, Tranquil & Mindful

Balance, Adaptiv Touch, Adaptiv Capsules & Balance deodorant

Each of these bundles in these 3 pillars is a 90-day program that will help you manage your wellness. You simply choose your path and go! These will all be available starting October 1st!

If you simply can't wait you can grab a PURSUE 2020 convention kit RIGHT NOW and then add on whatever bundle you need!

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Which of these is your body asking you to pursue?

Watch the full video below: