Why We Chose doTERRA and & 7 Years Later Still Choose dōTERRA as Our Main Source of Income

Have you ever wanted to bring on an additional income source for your business or family and then realized it was taking up too much of your time, or even worse, it wasn't really worth the extra time you put in? ⌛️

This is exactly why today, I'm going to share with you eight big factors that make dōTERRA different from other "side hustles", and why we STILL choose dōTERRA 7 years later. ✔️✔️

What is one word (keep it clean) that comes to mind when you think about the terms, "Network marketing", or "MLM"?

In case you are new here, my name is Amy Miller. For the past 7 years we've worked hard to develop a stream of income that isn't tied to the number of hours we spend in the office, or in front of the computer. The result has been that we've been able to travel around America in an RV and see some of the most amazing things our country has to offer.

Our coaching helps families find a clear path to smoothly transition their lives into the RV that’s perfect for their family so they can live the dream they never thought possible, whether it’s for 14 days or 14 months.

If 2020 taught you anything it's that you need a new stream of income. 💰You saw the workforce change overnight, you saw people lose their job security and maybe even their entire life savings, and you may have felt the pinch yourself. But in the overwhelm of information out there you need a clear voice to help you wade through the resources and show you what makes sense. 📣

Are you looking for real-life ways to help support your family through the good times and the bad, and you want to have it explained to you in simple English??

Let's get started!

Last week we looked at several different routes you could take to earn an income that isn't tied to your time.

As Warren Buffet famously said,

We discussed several ways to earn money while you sleep, some more novel than others. Today we want to share with you why, 7 years ago, we chose doTERRA as our "side hustle," and how today it's grown into our "main hustle."

Any time you want to sell a product in a way that will be able to last, there are several questions you've got to ask yourself. Begin by asking whether that product is renewable. While the Everlasting Gobstopper may have been an incredible idea, it would have put the chocolate factory out of business, because once you buy one you'll never need another one. But more than just selling products that will run out as people use them (renewables) you want to offer a product that has some integrity.

Are the oils you're buying thoroughly tested for contamination and adulteration? In other words, are they pure?

To help answer that question dōTERRA invented the CPTG standard.

The Certified Pure Tested Standard is eight steps dōTERRA takes to guarantee that every batch is pure, unadulterated, and safe for use. This is done by 3rd party companies before it ever even arrives at doTERRA's headquarters in Utah. One of these is APRC, or the Aromatic Plant Research Center.

Just having the best oils isn't enough, you've got to make sure those oils are responsibly sourced, and that they are buying from the farmers and not from brokers. Spoiler alert, dōTERRA takes that very seriously too.

Moving beyond CPTG, dōTERRA is invested in improving the lives of farmers, harvesters, and distillers who contribute to their oil production. Those oils are harvested in 45 countries, more than half of which could be considered developing countries. To help ensure those contributors are treated well dōTERRA developed the Co-Impact Sourcing initiative.

Co-Impact sourcing seeks to develop relationships with farmers and distillers, helps train them, then pays them a reliable wage that enables them to take care of their families.

These are part of what makes dōTERRA the most tested, most trusted essential oil manufacturer on the market. But as a business dōTERRA is also experiencing incredible growth.

For the company's first 8 years they were on the same growth curve as Apple. Yes, that Apple. They were the quickest direct sales company to reach $1B in sales. And in 2020 they were #8 in the world in Global Direct Selling companies. But if you look a little more closely you'll notice all the red numbers and see that doTERRA was one of the two companies on the list with positive growth during the pandemic, growing over 5% that year.

Part of the reason doTERRA is so successful is its incredible customer retention.

Over their 12 years, doTERRA has maintained 60-70% retention. To give you some perspective, most companies are between 10-20%.

Part of the long-term success of the company is because of their proven leaders.

All of the original founders are still actively involved in the company's daily operations.

As companies grow there is always the danger that the company will go public, and the leadership will change. Publicly held companies no longer answer to their personal beliefs, but instead, they will answer to share-holders whose only concern is the bottom line.

dōTERRA is the world's largest EO company with over $1B in assets, $2B in global sales, in

a debt-free, privately held company. All

of this spells SECURITY.

If you are trying to grow your own business you're going to want easy access to training, both for the products and the business. You'll want an easy-to-use ordering process as well as back-office tools, a website, podcasts, ebooks, and more. Because of its size and success, dōTERRA is able to offer all of these things. And they do it with excellence.

Financially doTERRA is making a difference, but their culture of service is just as remarkable. Globally doTERRA works with Healing Hands foundation to provide clean water systems, build schools, provide health clinics, rescue children from trafficking, provide micro-loans in 3rd world countries, and more.

In today's virtual world doTERRA is leading the way. They provide training and tools to help you be successful no matter where you are working to attract clients:

Business Building Certification Course

Social Media Academy

Sales Certification Course

Oil Camps & Continuing Education

Here are some of the ranks and their average annual incomes. While these numbers are going to vary depending on a number of factors, our experience has shown them to be pretty accurate.

You become financially free when your passive income exceeds your expenses. In other words, if the money you earn while you sleep is enough to live on then you are no longer dependent on your ability to work to survive.

Now before I sign off I want to stress something. After all this, I hope you don't hear me saying that I'm trying to convince you that dōTERRA is a chance to get rich quick. Quite to the contrary, we tell people it's a "Get rich slow scheme." To be successful it's likely you'll have to work very hard for several years. But if you're willing to put in the work, you'll reap a reward.

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