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Refer a Friend Program

Welcome to our generous referral program! 

Here's how it works:

Many in our 3LifeEssentials community fall in love with their oils and begin to wonder if their friends or family members would benefit from dōTERRA like they have.

If this is you too, complete the referral form below and we will reach out to your friend or family for a quick appointment so they can decide if dōTERRA is right for their needs. We only meet with those we know or who have been referred to us and we LOVE to reward those who support our business! For every referral you send to us that brings dōTERRA into their home, we will reward you with 10% of their purchase volume in either oils or cash - YOUR choice!

Not sure what to say?
Here's an example: 

"Hey ______, I've been loving my doTERRA for ________. I think you might benefit too. Our Wellness Advocate, Amy Miller, can give you some ideas to help your (health issue/concern) and help you try them out first before buying. Would you be open to chatting with her?"
Family Member
Special Needs/Challenges (ie. ADD, ADHD, Autism, Genetic Disorder, Speech Delays, Disorder, etc)
Hormone Balance
Sleep (going to sleep, staying asleep, night terrors, insomnia, etc)
Respiratory Issues (asthma/allergies/snoring, etc)
Digestion (gas, bloating, heartburn, etc)
Staying Healthy (exposure to illnesses, winter health, compromised immune system, etc)
Pain Management (injury, daily strains, soreness from working out, headaches, etc)
Major Disease (Lyme/Cancer/Autoimmune)
Spa/Self Care
Skin Issues (eczema, rashes, breakouts, acne, etc)
Brain/Memory Support
Natural Cleaning